Respect the right to conscientious protest

March 6th, 2013

Dear editor: Re: Respect for veterans on National Flag Day — Feb. 14 As the son of a front-line Second World War veteran and a war bride, I support the right to conscientious protest, especially on National Flag Day. My dad wept with joy when our Maple Leaf flag was officially proclaimed in 1965. His [...]

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Nuisance By-law

October 6th, 2012–jury-of-one-draft-public-nuisance-bylaw-deserves-further-discussion Dear Honourable Mayor and Councillors: (emailed Sept. 24, 2012) It is puzzling why a by-law, which ostensibly is being considered as a way to address the unruly and sometimes damaging behaviour of club patrons or neighbourhood party-goers, has, in what appears to be a seemingly stealth addition, included public demonstrations and protests, and [...]

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