Guelph’s Frackdown

September 25th, 2012

Guelph had a very successful rally for the Global Frackdown. More people signed the petition to ban fracking across the country. We made a step forward in Guelph for more people to understand the dangers of fracking.

Guelph's Global Frackdown 2012 -1

Guelph's Global Frackdown 2012 - 2

Guelph's Global Frackdown 2012 - 3

Guelph Global Frackdown 2012 - 4

Yesterday Quebec’s new Minister of Natural Resources made a statement on fracking.  “Our position is very clear: we want a complete moratorium, not only on exploitation but also on exploration of shale gas “in order to protect Quebec water! We say….. “What about Ontario water, Premier McGuinty?”

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