“Tapped” screening Oct. 15th at War Memorial Hall

October 7th, 2012

A lot has happened in the last week!

First, the proposed nuisance bylaw threatens the right to peaceful protest and would prohibit handing out information on the street. Our chapter sent a letter to the Mayor and City Council – please see our website for our letter to City Council on this.

Second, the Mayor cancelled the public showing of the movie “Tapped”, which had been arranged as the third of a series of three films approved by the city to encourage public engagement with protecting public water. The showing was cancelled because of a letter from Nestle’s. There have been great articles and letters in the paper (see our website) for some of this information. Don’t believe people who tell you that Nestle’s threatened to sue the city. They would not be so stupid: think of the negative publicity for them à la David and Goliath. If they wanted to sue someone, they would sue the film producer for false information.

In response to this situation, our chapter, along with Wellington Water Watchers and Central Students Assn., have arranged a showing of “Tapped”, the film that Nestle’s doesn’t want you to see! The Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice is supporting it and the national CoC office has organized for Maude Barlow to come to this special event on Monday, October 15th at 7:15 at War Memorial Hall on University of Guelph campus.

Finally, and fittingly enough, Oct 15th happens to be the one year anniversary of Day One of Occupy Guelph. We must not and will not permit excessive corporate influence on public policy coupled with an attempt (the anti-nuisance bylaw) to prevent any future long-term social movement which criticizes it.

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