Defend Our Coasts (DOC) Guelph Solidarity Event‏

October 19th, 2012

    • Wednesday, October 24nd

      17:30 until 18:30

On October 22nd people from across the West Coast and Canada will join the Defend Our Coast sit-in at the provincial legislature in Victoria, British Columbia in opposition of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline project. This event is being brought together by over 80 leaders from Canada’s business, First Nations, environmental, labour, academic, medical and artistic communities to send a clear message to political leaders in Victoria and Ottawa that Canada’s coast is not for sale. With over 3,500 citiz

ens that have already taken the pledge to Defend Our Coast on October 22nd and 24th, this event promises to be one of the largest peaceful acts of civil disobedience on climate issues in Canadian history.

On October 22nd please join our own Guelph sit-in in solidarity of the Defend Our Coast event. Pictures will be taken and sent to Premier Christy Clark in Victoria, B.C. to show that support for the fight to protect the B.C. coast from the Northern Gateway pipeline project stretches across the country.

We will be meeting at the University of Guelph; North entrance to the University Center (between the cannon and patio tables).

For more information visit

If you would like to support this initiative:

1. Write a letter to: British Columbia Premier Christy Clark who is responsible for negotiating the pipeline at

2. Help with Outreach and organizing the sit-in by contacting Libby Oliver, at

3. Spread the word!


Defend Our Coast Rally
on campus at U of Guelph Oct 24th . to support the national awareness of the threats from pipelines and oil spills to sea life and coastal communities.
Photos thanks to Izzy Hirji.

Here’s what happened — loads of concerned attendees showed their opposition on various textiles.

Defending of our coastline!

Proud defenders and a snappy T-shirt to boot!

Defending right down to our skivvies.

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