Anti GM Alfalfa Rally at U of G

October 30th, 2012

Anti GM Alfalfa Rally  Monday Oct. 22nd on Winegard Walk at U of Guelph

Global National Anchor and Executive Editor Dawna Friesen was broadcasting from Winegard Walk in front of Johnston Hall with live interviews including a big focus on genetically modified alfalfa crops.
“Apparently [alfalfa] is becoming a bit of a battleground in the war against genetically modified food,” said Friesen. “It’s a fear among people who are supportive of organic farming that the push to have [genetically modified] alfalfa in particular is dangerous because it grows very easily and it is grown by and used by a whole bunch of farmers because it is used for hay for feed – dairy and livestock farmers use it.”

“What people like the National Farmers Union and other groups [like] the organic farmers organizations are saying, ‘This puts our whole organic farm at risk’ not only for the farmers themselves who could no longer guarantee that what they grow is organic, but all the spinoffs of that,” said Friesen. “[Canada would potentially] lose hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of exports to Japan and to Europe, where there’s complete limits put on anything that’s genetically modified.”   – the Ontarion.

The demonstration was attended by many with signs and there was lots of interest from students for more information. Global Anchor Dawna Friesen discussed our issues with us as well.
This is the report on tv that night:
Anti GM Alfalfa Rally on Oct 24th in Kitchener
supported by and National Farmers Union and Council of Canadians- Guelph/KW Chapter.

The Canadian Seed Trade Association was holding a workshop to pave the way for the release of genetically modified alfalfa in eastern Canada. The goal is to develop a “coexistence” plan for GM alfalfa but farmers know “coexistence” is impossible.  Since alfalfa is pollinated by bees, GM alfalfa will cross pollinate with non-GM and organic alfalfa, threatening the livelihoods of family farmers in Ontario

Prairie farmers have already rejected GM alfalfa so the industry is trying to find a way to make GM alfalfa available in eastern Canada.   GM alfalfa will not benefit Ontario farmers.
video of event  click on “archives”  News at Six  Oct 24th part 2  ( minute 8:48 of 10:56)
or read :–farmers-union-takes-to-streets-to-protest-genetically-modified-alfalfa

This Rally was larger than the one on Monday and engaged all ages, Raging Grannies as well as many farmers. The link has a good report.–farmers-union-takes-to-streets-to-protest-genetically-modified-alfalfa

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