November 5th, 2012

There are many FIPAs already. Many more are in the works.  CETA is in the final stages of negotiation now in Brussels.

All of them challenge Canadian public policy in closed-door arbitration outside the normal legal system. Multinationals get one set of rules, we get another.

FIPAs create an extra set of rights for investors that no one else in the country has. Under CETA these are in the investment chapter. Investors can claim infringement to their “right to profit” to avoid regulations or policies that support our infrastructure and resources.  At present, China is suing Belgium for $3-billion over a bank investment that didn’t give as many profits as expected. Over 70,000 Canadians have written letters of opposition to our PM and MPs already.

More info as it comes in can be found at and some will be posted at Guelph Chapter – Council of Canadians.

What is a FIPA?
“FIPAs are treaties between two nations that impose binding obligations on both countries with respect to their treatment of foreign investors and investment. They typically provide guarantees pertaining to non-discriminatory treatment, expropriation, transfer of funds, transparency, due process and dispute settlement.”   Don Butler, Ottawa Citizen.

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