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November 6th, 2012

Trade agreements with secret tribunals – Wrong!
…with investor protections that avoid environmental considerations…Wrong!
…with closed door arbitration outside our courts…Wrong!
…with decades long contracts including Canadian water and resources…Wrong!
…with protection for our partners that we do not have…Wrong!
…with escape clauses from “regulatory expropriation”…Wrong!
…with investor rights that supersede labour rights…Wrong!

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Pressure mounts with Tories ready to ratify China trade deal by Thursday

(Globe and Mail)

[2] Gus Van Arten, a Canadian expert in international investment law has written a compelling open letter to Prime Minister Harper on the risks of the Canada-China FIPA:

The BC Union of Indian Chiefs has written an open letter to Prime Minister Harper calling on him to reject this FIPA agreement because it violates First Nations rights and title. Specifically, the agreement provides far superior protection for Chinese investors’ interests than for our First Nations’ Aboriginal Title, Rights, and Treaty Rights. The agreement prohibits the Government of Canada from offering special treatment to any Canadian investor that it does not offer Chinese investors. We believe the agreement would enable Chinese investors to challenge Canadian regulations, policies and/or legislation designed to protect the environment as well as current reconciliation negotiations, accommodation measures and treaty negotiations.

Terry Glavin’s hard-hitting article in the Ottawa Citizen is also worth reading and sharing.

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