Action Alert

November 20th, 2012

ACTIONS Your comments are needed on the PPS that guides all development in Ontario  at

ACTIONS Your comments are needed in response to the draft nuisance bylaw.  It is very undemocratic and will seriously impact our actions as we try to get attention to our issues of concern.  An excellent review of it is on the Guelph Civic League site.  This will go to City Council on Nov 26th for a decision. Please comment as soon as possible. The link below will link you to the city councilors as well.

ACTIONS Write or email Conservative MPs to object to the FIPAs. They are set up in secret, can be ratified without any parliamentary debate, are with a country that CSIS has serious concerns about and will commit us to a 31 year contract with no apparent benefits to our country. Please be informed.
For more information on them check our website under FIPAs ( , or under Trade  or read the current assessment by our MP Frank Valeriote.

CoC  AGM presentations have been uploaded onto the following site.

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