Respect the right to conscientious protest

March 6th, 2013

Dear editor: Re: Respect for veterans on National Flag Day — Feb. 14

As the son of a front-line Second World War veteran and a war bride, I support the right to conscientious protest, especially on National Flag Day.

My dad wept with joy when our Maple Leaf flag was officially proclaimed in 1965. His was the first home on the street to proudly fly the new flag.

For my father, the new flag symbolized the values for which he and so many other Canadians had sacrificed dearly in time of war.

Those values are well summarized in former prime minister John George Diefenbaker’s 1960 speech, “I am a Canadian.”

Among those values are the freedoms to stand up for what I think is right and to oppose what I believe is wrong. To exercise these freedoms is to pay respect to our veterans and our flag.

Be assured that there is one veteran above who is thankful to those who carry the torch of conscientious protest, and he smiles upon them.

- Stephen Cako, Elora

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