Anti-GMO Rally

April 13th, 2013

Protesters at 1 Stone Road at the anti-GMO alfalfa rally

“Stop GM Alfalfa!”  local rally coverage:

The 200 plus people who attended the Stop GM Alfalfa Rally last Tuesday were part of the Canada wide movement . 38 communities participated and the
info will be gathered on the website shortly.
Delicious food was provided by local French country restaurant Artisanale who turned down the voluntary contributions of $266. and directed the money be
sent to CBAN to continue their work with us. Thanks also to Sprouts for Life and Polestar Hearth for lovely additions to the snacks. All GM free!

” GMO Protest”  video coverage by Troy Bridgeman:.–gmo-protest

“Rally warns of potential danger in modified alfalfa” by Rob O’Flanagan–rally-against-modified-alfalfa-draws-large-crowd

“Hundreds bring protest against genetically modified alfalfa to Monsanto’s door”  by Kris Svela and Kelly Waterhouse

“Big protest fights genetically modified alfalfa” by  Megan Christensen

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