CoC 2013 Year End Events for June 2013

September 3rd, 2013

CoC 2013 Year End Events for June 2013 of Guelph Chapter
2013 AGM to be held in September


July 10. Death of Evidence Rally and March from City Hall to MP’s office

Aug.  WPIRG Environmental Justice event at U of W.

Sept. 3. Labour Day Picnic – table of information

Sept. 4. U of Guelph “Volunteer Opportunities” – table of information

Sept. 15. Cooperate for Canada meeting in Waterloo

Sept. 16. Democracy Fair in Waterloo – table of information

Sept. 22. Global Anti-Fracking Day – handouts and petition circulated

Sept. 30. St Francis Day – CoC focus on discussion re water issues and table of information

Oct. 25. KW Rally against GMO

Nov. 1. Guelph Rally for Education – against lack of negotiation with teachers

Nov. 17. U of T Oil Pipelines workshop all day

Nov. 21. CoC public meeting at 10 Carden: updates

Dec. 5&6. Can Nuclear Safety Commission presentation against refurbishment of Darlington

Dec. 7. visit to MPP Sandals with George Kelly regarding health cuts

Dec. Letter to Mayor and councillors re CETA


Jan. 12. Idle No More Rally at City Hall. (250 people +)

Jan. 16 CoC regarding Fair Vote (at 10 Carden)

Jan. 20. Gravel Watch Ontario regarding water threats – Nestle and Dolime pit

Jan. 25. Discussion with Minister Peter Kent on environmental issues;

CoC   Rally against the enviro cuts also at the event outside.

Jan. 27. Interview on CFRU radio re CoC issues (Common Causes especially)

Jan. 28. Common Causes Day of Action – hosted meeting at U of G with Line 9 focus

Jan. 31. “Compass Community Networking” by Patrick Cieslar

Feb. 1. U of Guelph Organic Conference all day table of info;

Enviro Science Conference at Rozanski Hall – table of information

Feb. 14. Idle No More meeting at U of G to mass the groups for future events

Feb. 15. Rally at Lady of Lourdes high school while Minister Peter McKay visited

Feb. 28. Common Causes OPIRG meeting of groups

Mar. 4. Ontario Health Coalition Rally Hutt Building

Mar. 6. U of G class presentation on Citizenship and Civic Engagement

Mar.12. Guelph anti -pipeline meeting; GAP formed

Mar.13. Visit to MPs office for meeting on Electoral Reform with several group reps

Mar. 15. Sarnia Rally against Line 9 (several attendees from Guelph on Fri. and Sat.)

Mar. 17. Mining Injustice Tour at Dublin St. U.C.; Co-hosted with KAIROS Guelph

Mar. 20. INM event at U of G Earth First

Mar. 22. Richard Heinberg event with ResilienceWeek on World Water Day

Mar. 23. City Hall for WWD – table of information and questionnaire “Watershed Hot Spots”

Apr. 9. “Stop GM Alfalfa” Rally to Monsanto with NFU (250 +)

Apr. 16. St James the Apostle – presentation, Q&A, and showing of Toxic Trespass

Apr. 30. City Hall supporting May Day Rally organized by OPIRG and CUPE (25+)

May 10. 4pm COC board meeting (OQSM)

June 5. Anti FIPA rally at MPs office

June 9. 2rivers festival in Guelph – table of information on water issues in the park

June 15. 2 rivers festival in – table of information on water issues at the Boathouse

June 21. INM celebration in Royal City Park on National Aboriginal Day

June 25. CoC Guelph public meeting on updates on Line 9, trade agreements, and

WellingtonWaterWatchers and CoC to courts over Nestle objection to water conservation

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