Members Join Dam Line 9: As Long As It Takes

August 8th, 2014

“I believe that the environmental degradation currently happening affects all of us and all of the activism we are organizing around. Climate change and it’s detrimental reality puts marginalized communities most at risk. This is a women’s issue, this is a race issue, a class issue, an animal rights issue, a sovereignty issue. Those who have the least amount of power and contribute the least amount of waste and harm carry and experience the brunt of these devastating impacts to our earth, air and water. In order to actually work from an anti-oppressive framework in our activist approaches to making change, we must put climate change and the many projects that contribute to it at the forefront.” Sarah S., Blockader

“As a parent, my concern is that this project poses a danger to the future generations who do not have a voice in these important decisions.” Mia, Blockader

Council of Canadian members joining the Dam Line 9 blockade

Activists including Council of Canadians chapter members continue to interrupt work at Enbridge’s Line 9, steadfast to remain on the site until their voices are heard. The ongoing protest is on site in Deshkaan Ziibing, Anishinabek Territory, near Innerkip in south-western Ontario.  Entering the third day of the blockade, many of the group are risking arrest yet plan to stay, committed to the protection of the water and the environment Line 9 threatens.

COC Members join ‘Dam Line 9′ blockade – day 3 of as long as it takes

Standing (and sitting) firm. COC London Chapter arrives with food and their Enbridge Tarsands Snake

Blockaders are inviting supporters to come them at the site and/or donate supplies. The site is located on Oxford County Rd 5 (aka 17th Line) in Innerkip, ON (near Woodstock) between Township Rd 10 and Township Rd 9 (aka Braemar Side Road).

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