Declaration of Voters’ Rights

May 28th, 2015

Guarantee the meaning of your vote by clicking the link below and signing the Declaration of Voters’ Rights.

“We the undersigned Canadian citizens demand the following basic democratic rights:

  • to cast an equal and effective vote and to be represented fairly in Parliament, regardless of political belief or place of residence.
  • to be governed by a fairly elected Parliament where the share of seats held by each political party closely reflects the popular vote.
  • to live under legitimate laws approved by a majority of elected Parliamentarians representing a majority of voters.

The current winner-take-all voting system is absolutely inconsistent with these fundamental democratic rights. As a result, Canada is faced with a spiralling democratic deficit. The need for reform is urgent. We need a Parliament that represents the political and social diversity of Canada.

We demand that the House of Commons immediately undertake a public consultation to amend the Canada Elections Act to incorporate these vital democratic rights. The House, after this consultation, should quickly implement a suitable form of proportional representation.”

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