CETA Awareness

January 17th, 2011

Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) negotiations are continuing at a fast pace. CETA is a trade agreement being negotiated now between the European Union and Canada. The Europeans are demanding that their corporations have equal access to bid on all municipal contracts including hospital, schools, public utilities. The wording is such that no preference can be given for local jobs, contracts and environmental considerations. Plus, there is a right to sue municipalities and provinces if the EU corporations perceive that local preference has been used or investor right to profits has been threatened.

Local councillors were asked about this by Council of Canadians – Guelph chapter, last November. How many of the councillors know about this continuing threat to our community?

The global economic reach can kill our local agricultural market, for example, as it threatens ‘buy local’ initiatives. The response to our candidate questionnaire three months ago was telling. Some candidates failed to answer at all; others provided vague generalities or had no time for it, while some were fully supportive.

You can view the candidates’ responses at http://www.coc-guelph.ca/election2010.html and ask your councillors about their approach.

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