Maude Barlow, Renowned Water Warrior to Speak in Guelph

August 23rd, 2018

Maude Barlow


Maude Barlow, Renowned Water Warrior to Speak in Guelph

Aquifers Under Siege – What Happens when the Wells Run Dry?

Guelph, Ontario, August 15, 2018. It is largely believed that the wells in the Guelph area will never run dry.  Even if we believe that the water quantity is not threatened, the disturbing fact is, given the increasing demands put upon the aquifer, the quality of water necessary for drinking and sustaining life could easily be at risk.

The aquifer which feeds the water supply for this area is under siege.  It’s unique and special qualities have not escaped the attention of corporations who want to use our drinking water for profit.  Nestlé, and more recently Xinyi Glass, have welcomed themselves (or tried) to this area to help themselves to free resources.

On September 12, 2018, at 7 p.m. at the Italian Canadian Club in Guelph, Maude Barlow will speak about the spreading international crisis over water shortages.  Barlow is a world-renowned Canadian activist and author who campaigned to have water recognized as a human right by the UN.  She has authored 17 books, is recipient of 12 honorary doctorates, and campaigns against governments which allow water to be squandered by corporations.

Maude Barlow will talk about the international and national situation, and explain why it is vital to be aware and vigilant today, about our own watershed and local situations to preserve our drinking water for future generations. This event is free to attend, but it is important to pre-register as there is a limit number of seats.  To sign up go to:

Get Concerned, Wellington Water Watchers are advocacy groups focused on the conservation and preservation of water. Council of Canadian is a national organization advocating for clean water, fair trade, green energy, public health care, and a vibrant democracy.

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