CoC 2010 – 2011 Year Review

June 22nd, 2011

CoC 2010-2011 year review for AGM in Toronto May, 2011

Meeting With Our Member of Parliament

Over the year, we have had four meetings with our Liberal MP, Frank Valeriote. Following discussion on CETA, we prepared a petition, gathered the signatures, and had it presented in Parliament. We also prepared a petition to label for GMOs and stop GMO approval until they can be proved to be harmless, etc. We also gained Mr. Valeriote’s support for the climate change Bill C311 and the ethical mining Bill C 300. Sadly, all of them have collapsed under the weight of the Conservative government.

New Website and Facebook

Our new website,, is now linked to Facebook by a “Like” button found at the top and the bottom of each posting. By clicking “Like”, readers share the post on their Facebook Wall, thus spreading the word about the Council of Canadians’ good work. We can be found on Facebook at Council-of-Canadians-Guelph-Chapter. Please visit us here or at our website to share your thoughts or just catch up on CoC activities. Our online presence has garnered us some new members, whose input we warmly welcome.

Events and Actions

July 1st 2010 – info table at Enviro tent for Canada Day. (huge Rotarian event)

Summer events included weekly presence at Farmers Market Saturday mornings and board meetings to plan for autumn events.

Monthly meetings with other groups belonging to Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice

Guelph and District Council Labour Day Picnic – CoC had info table focussed on CETA and water protection

Circulated a questionnaire to candidates in city election; posted results on our website

September 14th — Green Action Day display for newcomer engagement in environmental issues

September 22-24th – Council of Canadians AGM in Ottawa; attended

October 14th — Queen’s Park rally for water protection at noon

October — support for Wellington Water Watcher s AGM with info table

November 2nd — Sponsored Guelph Health Coalition on Health Care with Marie Claude Premont

November 10th – Co-sponsored “Our Environmental Future”, a 6 hour presentation at University of Guelph with 5 presenters on Steady State Economy (degrowth). 240 attended and press reported. Presenters were:

Robert Rapier World expert on peak oil “Peak Oil – What? When?”
Peter Victor York University and author “Managing without Growth” – Yes We Can!
Jennifer Sumner OISE professor “Effects of Growth on a Community”
Mike Nickerson author “Sustainability -How Can We Achieve It?”
Evan Fraser University of Guelph “Empires of Food” and the Rise & Fall of Civilizations”

November 5th — Guelph Festival of Moving Media, CoC held discussion following Coke documentary.

January 22nd 2011 — CoC interview on CFRU re CETA and food security issues

January 27th — Food Security Roundtable 1:00-5:00pm; CoC coordinated 3 MPs from the Agriculture and Food Committee in Ottawa to come and listen to presentations from 13 groups concerned about food security issues. Included: NFU, CBAN, KAIROS, Farmstart, etc.; garnered press coverage

January 26th – Maude at U of G Civic Imprints Week of Action; CoC tabled

January 24th — participated in Water Roundtable held by WellingtonWaterWatchers

January 29th and 30th – tabled with TG at the Annual Organic Conference at U of Guelph

February 9th — participated in Enviropig opposition Rally at University of Guelph campus

March 5th — supported Wellington Water Watchers’ March to Nestlés to oppose new PTTW

March 24th — Community Resource Fair at U of G (9:00-4:30pm) with info table

March 26th — Eco market on “Resilience 2011” at St. George’s church with info table 10:00- 3:00 pm

April 11th and 26th – We made 2 presentations by R. Chaloner to City Council, opposing the new holding company for Guelph Hydro with a multinational corporation, an agreement which is full of provisions for secrecy. Our argument was prepared by Keith Bellairs, a former corporate lawyer and current vice chair CoC-Guelph. It stimulated discussion and some support for deferral but resulted in a vote for accepting it.

April 9th — meeting of NDACT in Shelburne, ON to see presentation of details of megaquarry

April 18th — CoC as part of the Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice held a well-attended town hall “All Candidates discussion on Poverty and Justice”. No Conservative government representative attended.

May 1st — attended Gravel Watch Ontario to discuss the megaquarry.

May 14th and 15th — attended regional AGM in Toronto at Beit Zatoun. (3 from local chapter)

June 7th — Gravel Watch Ontario AGM presentation on water impacts. In Puslinch; attended

June 22nd — AGM for local chapter with presentation by Carl Cosack on Melancthon Megaquarry.

Ongoing Activity

Continuing presence on Saturday mornings under the Big Umbrella at the Farmers Market in Guelph with four devoted CoC members sharing responsibility for attending.

Chapter executive meetings

Email updates highlighting information from the Council of Canadians campaigns that are of interest to the Guelph area

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