City Council Opposes CETA Ratification

January 4th, 2012

Council of Canadians and many other groups attended City Council on Dec. 19th to oppose CETA.

Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice (George Kelly), Guelph Labour Council ( Terry O’Connor), the Central Students Association (Derek Alton and Drew Garvie), Guelph Wellington Health Coalition (Magee McGuire), Guelph Civic League ( Dave Sills), James Reinhart, Clare Devlin, Keith Bellairs and Council of Canadians (Norah Chaloner). We will be keeping in touch with the city on this issue and will keep you informed. However, since it may be signed in early 2012, we still need to raise awareness about this trade agreement. So, let your friends and neighbours know. We need to know the details and have input to get the protections that we need for strong communities.

See the article in Guelph Mercury Dec. 20/11 by Scott Tracey.–council-balks-at-eu-trade-agreement

and in the Guelph Tribune Dec. 22/11by Doug Hallett.

“Guelph City Council is opposing ratification by Ottawa of a free trade deal with the European Union that city staff warns could open up municipal water systems across Canada to privatization.

By a 6-4 vote, council backed a city staff recommendation that Guelph not support ratification of the proposed Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) without more information from the federal government and more opportunity for input from municipal governments and the public…”

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