Rally June 5 at City Hall – 6 PM

June 5th, 2012

Tuesday, June 5th at 6pm to Rally for local democracy on OPA 48 at City Hall before City Council meeting at 7:00.

Please attend Guelph City Council on Tuesday, June 5th at  7pm.  This meeting is called to approve the new Official Plan OPA 48. Many of us are troubled by the haste to accept this plan with so many changes and omissions in it since the public presentation some months ago. The plan has only been available online for the public since May 28th. The changes are significantly reducing the protections that are needed for our green corridor, natural river linkages and parklands.  There is much background information at the Guelph Civic League blog and www.guelph.ca under the link Official Plan and in the local papers. Please contact your councillors, tell them you would like to see council defer adoption, and then come to City Hall.

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