June AGM

June 19th, 2012

Thursday June 21st – Guelph Chapter AGM at Unitarian Hall (York Rd. at Harris St.)

We wish to invite you to our Guelph Chapter Annual General Meeting on June 21st at 6:30 pm at the corner of York Rd and Harris St in Guelph.  This is in the Unitarian Fellowship building.

*free parking*

We will have dessert and refreshments at this time, with a brief outline and handout of our activities over the past year. We will also have the election of board members for the next year. You will have a chance to meet with us and to share your views on our progress and path.

From 7:15pm to 9:00pm, we have three interesting presenters to inspire us followed by discussion.

Patrick Cieslar will give us a brief report on the Great Lakes Needs Great Friends tour that Maude Barlow and others have just completed.

Charlie Cares will bring us information from the newly formed Guelph Chapter of Fair Vote Canada.

Anita Nickerson will explain how Cooperate for Canada could help to get the changes we need in federal governance.

Much is happening all over the country related to water, much that is problematic. Much is also happening with CETA and it looks like we will continue getting out the details of this trade agreement through the next few months. On both sides of the Atlantic, more and more details and opposition to particular parts of CETA are emerging yet PM Harper wants it as soon as possible.

The present government is marching Canada backward to environmental ruin. In the past two years, among other regressive actions, the federal government has eliminated or severely cut twelve separate freshwater protection programmes and drastically altered protective legislation.

The list of cuts and eliminations include the Action Plan on Clean Water, Chemicals Management Plan, Contaminated  Sites Action Plan, Arctic Water and Air Monitoring Programme, B.C Coastal Waters Conservation Project, Navigable Waters Protection Act, Parks Canada Freshwater Monitoring Programme, Urban Wastewater Research Programme, Integrated Monitoring of Water and Air Quality Programme, Fisheries Act  Habitat Protection, Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, and the Global Freshwater Environment Monitoring Programme.

The government has attempted to reduce scrutiny of these cuts and their negative effects by ending federal funding of the Canadian Environmental Network and terminating the National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy.

This keeps us very busy and your support is critical to our ongoing efforts. We would love to meet you. Please feel welcome to join us for this meeting.

Norah Chaloner and Keith Bellairs, co-chairs for Guelph Chapter of Council of Canadians. (519-823-9601)

If you would like to be connected to our e-mail list please let us know.

www.coc-guelph.ca is our local website

www.canadians.org is the national site for Council of Canadians


Wednesday, June 13th.  Casserole Rally at 8pm in St Georges Square, Guelph

Show your solidarity with the Quebec student marches for accessible education and system change for democracy.  Bang your “casseroles” (i.e. pots and pans) with a heavy spoon as you walk to the fountain at St. George’s Square for 8 pm, Wednesday June 6th.   We will gather there and then start marching together.  Vive l’education!! Vive la démocratie!!

This event has passed but keep your eyes peeled for future casseroles in Guelph and area. We will announce them on our Facebook page.

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