Frackdown 2012

September 8th, 2012

Fracking is a method of extracting deep shale gas. With each new fracking well, millions of gallons of water ( often drinking water), sand and up to 500 chemicals (up to 300 tons) are injected into the earth under tremendous pressure to deep bedrock to release gas trapped in cracks. Fracking contaminates water, air and soil from these fracking chemicals, etc. Terrible health costs and major expense to communities follow. Industry reports admit that 6% of fracking wells fail immediately and 50% fail over 30 years.

Watersheds where fracking takes place are at great risk of permanent and irreversible damage from fracking.

Many countries and places (Germany, Romania, New York, Bulgaria, France, Quebec, New Jersey,etc) have bans or moratoriums in place rejecting fracking

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What about Ontario? The federal government is providing no leadership in this area, instead environmental programs, policies and research are being gutted in Canada!! Ontario is desperate to stimulate its economy.  At least two companies, Mooncor and Eurogas are preparing to frack around Ontario and have bought up land rights on 23,000 acres in Lambton and Kent Counties.   A green light from regulators could unleash a wave of shale gas development in  Ontario in 3 major zones.  In the absence of adequate regulations and public policy to address the impact of hydraulic fracking on water resources our country’s water security is at great risk. Support a moratorium on all fracking and contact your elected representatives at:   MP Frank Valeriote.  or 519-827-8276     MPP Liz Sandals  519-836-4190

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