About Us

Over 180 concerned Canadians turned out to rally for democracy in downtown Guelph.

About Us

The Guelph Chapter of the Council of Canadians takes part in local initiatives related to issues that are national or provincial in scope. Major campaigns include the fight for non-profit health care, the protection of our water, fair trade/energy policies, and publicly owned/locally controlled infrastructure (library, electricity distribution, etc.).

The Chapter sees a wider role in opposing a corporate, global agenda which harms our social and democratic institutions and our community. The aim is to encourage local and community initiative and power, as opposed to global power. CoC-Guelph supports the development of an alternative, democratic, humane investment and trade program, which respects the economic and political rights of citizens in all countries. The CoC therefore supports local citizens’ campaigns and is a member of the Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice, the Guelph Civic League and Wellington Water Watchers.

Our chapter meetings regularly feature high-quality speakers on topics of interest to our members. Past speakers include: Maude Barlow (many times!), Brent Patterson, Anne Clark, John McMurtry, Michael Keefer, Jennifer Sumner, Leonard Friesen, Farokh Afshar, Larry Gordon, Lucy Sharratt, Karen Farbridge, Magee McGuire, Yves Engler, Bill Barrett, Duane Falk, Stephen Rodd, James Gordon, Stan Denhoed, Khosrow Farahbakhsh, Steven Staples and many more.

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CoC-Guelph Steering Committee 2018 – 2019

Chairperson: Ron East

Treasurer: Francis Papillon

Secretary: Lin Grist

E-mail: Lin Grist

Web support: Jane Thornton

Member at Large:  Paul Costello, Cameron Fioret


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2 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Nathan Lawr Says:

    Hi Norah,

    I am a artist, student, and resident of Guelph who is unsatisfied with complaining about Stephen Harper and his backwards agenda. I am increasingly compelled to do something substantial to change the right-ward slide in this country.

    I am interested in helping out with the Guelph branch of CoC. What can I do to help?

  2. admin Says:

    Hi, Nathan,

    Please contact us at coc.guelph@gmail.com. We are always pleased to welcome another concerned citizen to our group.

    Jane Thornton, coc-guelph.ca Site Administrator

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