Rally for Democracy – March 7th, 2014

Outside Liberal MP Frank Valeriote's office, making our voices heard...and our signs seen.

Gathered to protest Fair Elections Act

Line 9 Occupation north of Toronto – December 3, 2013

Guelph Chapter's Paul Costello at the Line 9 Occupation north of Toronto

Paul with fellow Line 9 protesters.

Idle No More Rally – January 12, 2013

Concerned Canadians had a lot to say and came out to share their thoughts on a cold winter day. Young and old participated in this protest against the numerous destructive policies of the Conservative government.

Lois and Jan drumming their message.

Métis flag

Young protesters braving the cold.

Citizens practising their right to gather and to voice their opinions in public.

Council of Canadians - Guelph Chapter co-chair, Norah Chaloner, addresses the crowd.

Guelph MP, Frank Valeriote, listens to the speakers.

James Gordon prepares to address the gathering.

Her sign says it best.


Jan 25th, 2013
To un-welcome Minister of the Environment, Peter Kent, to Guelph.

OcTARpus is on the march.

Concerned Canadians out in the cold thanks to Harper's environment policies.

Concerned Canadians out in the cold thanks to Harper's environment policies

We are Idle No More.


Gaza Support Rally on Campus

Gaza nomination support

Protest on campus in support of GAZA prior to being accepted at the United Nations.


Defend Our Coast Rally
on campus at U of Guelph Oct 24th . to support the national awareness of the threats from pipelines and oil spills to sea life and coastal communities.
Photos thanks to Izzy Hirji.

Defending of our coastline!

Proud defenders and a snappy T-shirt to boot!

Defending right down to our skivvies.


Council of Canadians and Transition Guelph presented a series of speakers on

the positive alternatives to growth (Degrowth) with the help of Maggie Laidlaw

and the University of Guelph.

Our Environmental Future Nov. 2010


Congratulations to all the folks who made the very successful 12 km march from 

Guelph to Nestle's Waters Canada including a super water watcher,

who is 10 years old!
happy hikers trekked 12 miles from Guelph to Nestle

10 yr old water watcher

Wellington Water Watchers...splash, splash, splash


Check in here to see our Guelph Chapter members in action.

Sally Ludwig demonstrating her thoughts on the need for environmental protection at the 10.10.10 Day of Action.

Our troops in action at the Queen’s Park Rally for water conservation in October of 2010.

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