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Protesters at 1 Stone Road speaking out against GMO alfalfa

“Stop GM Alfalfa!”  local rally coverage:

The 200 plus people who attended the Stop GM Alfalfa Rally last Tuesday were part of the Canada wide movement . 38 communities participated and the
info will be gathered on the website shortly.
Delicious food was provided by local French country restaurant Artisanale who turned down the voluntary contributions of $266. and directed the money be
sent to CBAN to continue their work with us. Thanks also to Sprouts for Life and Polestar Hearth for lovely additions to the snacks. All GM free!

” GMO Protest”  video coverage by Troy Bridgeman:.–gmo-protest

“Rally warns of potential danger in modified alfalfa” by Rob O’Flanagan–rally-against-modified-alfalfa-draws-large-crowd

“Hundreds bring protest against genetically modified alfalfa to Monsanto’s door”  by Kris Svela and Kelly Waterhouse

“Big protest fights genetically modified alfalfa” by  Megan Christensen


Friday, Feb 15th. Rally to Support Veterans when Peter Mackay, Minister of defence comes to Our Lady of Lourdes Separate School.
Meet at 10:40am at  54 Westmount Rd, Guelph .This is also International Flag Day and there will be veterans inside at the event. We will stand outside asking for respect for veterans with signs of support for the Last Post Fund.   Depart with Dignity. Be Fair to our Veterans. Money for vets – Not for jets! Others will be there to oppose Bill C-45.   Minister Mackay must do something to alleviate this problems of decades of injustice to our veterans as well as present cuts to our environment. Many Canadians died for a better future. Min Mackay is turning this backwards.–vets-deserve-dignified-burial

BACKGROUND of Protest :

The Guelph chapter of Council of Canadians is protesting  when Min of Defense Peter Mackay comes to Guelph on Feb 15th because of the following:

Joe Tersigni , a teacher at Our Lady of Lourdes says. …”The right to protest is a special privilege we enjoy because of the sacrifice of our veterans.To protest on National Flag Day where we are honouring our veterans and the minister that represents them is beyond comprehension. It is disrespectful to our vets and our flag. ”

Read the links below to see the longtime disrespect for veterans from this government  through the numerous cuts endured by them. 

Re federal cuts to long-term care hospital beds

Re federal cuts to disabled veterans’s pensions.

Re federal cuts to burial expenses for impoverished veterans.


Comments on the forthcoming Drummond Commission report on Health Care
to the Commission for Quality Public Services and Tax Fairness.       Feb 1st. 2012



AGM report for 2009-2010. Presented at AGM on June 29th/10

July 1/09- table of info at Enviro tent at Riverside Park, Canada Day

July – supported the Toronto COC at a noon hour event at Dundas Square to stop more money being thrown at more nuclear power plants in Ontario

August – supported Site 41 event to protect their water.. rally in Perkinsfield.

Sept. 9 – U of Guelph Resource Fair –  table of info at event

Sept. 17- POLIS water conference at GRCA (protection and water rights.)

Sept. – GRCA  Water Forum – speakers on water conservation of watershed.

Sept. 24 – Sustainability Fair at U of  Guelph – table event

Oct. 16 – “You Me and the SPP”. Paul Manly’s documentary on the mega plan for North American control under one command and one set of highways, regulations and resource control. Introduction and showing with director present at Uof G with  Critical Knowledge Collective.

Nov. 27-29 – Ottawa  “Blue Summit.” Three local members attended.

Dec. – worked with other groups to present the event in St. George’s Square and at St George’s Church  to support the Copenhagen Climate Change conference.

Dec. 22. – Visited M.P. Frank Valeriote regarding the unfair trade agreements being negotiated between Canada and Columbia. Gained his support for social and environmental justice to be included.

Jan. 16/10 – Environmental Symposium at U of G (tabling)

Jan. 23 – Perogies not Proroguing.  St. George’s Square event and Knox Church panel discussion. 300 attended. Partnered with CAPP. (now ‘Guelph Participates’).

Feb. 8 -  U of G  ‘Parliamentary Democracy’ with Professor Emeritus Ned Franks from Queen’s U. as a followup from No Proroguing event (around 100 present).

Mar. 22 – World Water Day. – tabled at Wellington Water Watchers presentation at John F Ross hall (anti-bottled water campaign and ‘water as a human right’).

Mar. 29 - Ontario Headwaters event in Elora (protecting the watershed).

Apr. 9-11 – Guelph hosted the regional Ont/Que AGM with presentation by Oakville activist Liz Benneian on “how to work with municipal councils”.

April 15 – Erin – Water event and film. CoC tabled.

May 5 – Elora for Greenlands conference on watershed issues.

May 18 - meeting with M.P. Frank Valeriote over the mega quarry in N. Dufferin

June 3 - Townhall on “Growth, Gravel and Groundwater”

With presentations from GREN, NDACT and GWO (140 present)

June 18- ‘Shout Out for Global Justice’in Toronto. (5 from Guelph chapter attended)

June 29 – AGM at 10 Carden and short presentation on Degrowth. New exec.

All year, Saturday a.m. at the Farmer’s Market under The Big Umbrella.


CoC Sept 15/09  AGM summary of events of past year.

June 26 – CoC AGM and Guelph Hydro workers presentation of the other side of the proposed Guelph Hydro merger with Horizon Utilities. Prepared a public handout explaining the problems with the merger… made available .

Coordinated a working group to examine the problems with the merger info for public information and to present before the final vote. (5 key people on this group including Dave Sills, and one other CoC member and 3 community watchdogs.) culminated in presentation to City Council and the merger was voted down.

July 1st – CoC in Environment Tent at Rotary Canada Day Picnic… all day.

July 26&27 – Hillside Festival with table of info and Q&A

July 21 – City Council meeting on Hydro merger. CoC presentation.

Sept. 3rd – U of Guelph Resource Fair CoC and WWW table of info ( Q&A)

Sept. 26 – Grand River Water Forum – table of info  (Q&A)

Sept. 30 – City Council re Hydro merger.. CoC presentation .. Council vetoed the merger!!

Oct. 9 – Dr Jim Harding at Norfolk co-hosting with U of G Central Students Assn.  ‘Canada’s Deadly Secret’   (cancelled due to illness )

Oct. – supported the formation of the Grand River chapter in KW

Jan. – hosted Maude Barlow and Sid Ryan from CUPE for the ‘Unbottle It!’ Tour.

Jan. 22 – Helped KW set up their launch at their ‘Unbottle It!’ event.

Feb. - Mike Nagy, local environmental activist, spoke on the Tar Sands with appropriate visuals.

Mar. – ‘Say No to the Hanlon Expressway’ at Eco Market at Old Quebec Street Mall.

-         Supported the rally at Queen’s Park (4000 people) to oppose hospital closures.

April or May – supported the G-W-Health Coalition rally at Liz Sandals office to stop the cuts to beds in Guelph and general dismantling of Health Care as it is.

April 14th – Delta Hotel . Water Round Table with local MPP Frank Valeriote and Francis Scarpaleggia, Chair of the Federal Liberal Water Caucus. Issues on water from a public policy perspective. Very well-represented by many groups in the community.

April - Dave spoke to the Federation of University Women about CoC

May – Delegation to City Council on TILMA

June – Ontario- Quebec AGM

July – Supported the Toronto COC at a noon hour event at Dundas Square to stop more money being thrown at more nuclear power plants

Aug. – supported Site 41 event to protect their water.. .rally in Perkinsfield.

Big Umbrella and the Farmer’s Market all year round.


CoC Events Calendar 7/07 – 8/08

Summer of 2007 – attended many public events with table of info shared with Wellington Water Watchers (WWW): Rotary Canada Day; Hillside Music Festival; Art in the Street; Jazz in the Street; Eden Mills Writers Festival; Labour Day picnic at Riverside Park; Harvest Home in Erin

Sept. 14th - University of Guelph campus table to welcome new students.

Sept. 25th – TILMA (Mark Muller) and Fair Vote (Brandon Kidd) presentations; SPP presentation  (Norah Chaloner)

Sept. – Harvest Home at Wellington County Museum.

Oct. – Univ. of Guelph.  HAITI presentation and discussion

Oct. – Univ of Guelph Day of Action on Water.  Polaris Panel.

-  Paisley United Church presentation about CoC and WWW to students from S.A.

Nov. 13th – Maude Barlow visit at Norfolk United Church. New book on water. (350-400)

Nov. 19th – Unitarians.-. showing of movie THIRST with discussion following on water

Nov. – River Run event, shared with WWW. (table and info)

Dec. 8th – ‘Cool the Planet’ event in St George’s Square  (about 250 people)

Dec. – ECOfair in the Old Quebec Street Mall all day.

Table and display with SPP and water info.

Dec. 4 – Café Scientifique in the Green Room.-. panel on water..

Jan 11/08 – letter to City CDES re Hanlon Expressway becoming a NAFTA supercorridor

Jan. 12 – Univ. of Guelph Environ Fair in Rozanski Hall. (table with WWW )

Feb. 5th – Gravel Watch – with WWW to table..

Feb. 6th – Univ of Guelph – Tar Sands presentation by Brandon Kidd.

Mar. 7th – CoC delegation read to City of Guelph CDES about the Hanlon Supercorridor.

Mar 10th – Univ of Waterloo, panel discussion.. CoC on water

Mar. 22nd – World Water Day ‘Save our Water’ event with Making Waves and 9 other groups in St. George’s Square; about 250 people attended. (

Mar. 29th – GIG table of info with WWW at workshop by Guelph Enviro. l Leadership

Mar. 30th – OPIRG 30th anniversary. Table of info with WWW.

Every Saturday morning CoC and WWW are under the Big Umbrella with info for Q&A at Farmers’ Market


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