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Membership for the Council of Canadians is $45 per year, or $6 for students and seniors.

Membership forms are available from the executive, or you can join online at

(If you do, make sure to say that you heard about the Council of Canadians from the Guelph Chapter – then we get some local funding!)

Those who may wish to contribute further may join the Citizens’ Agenda Fund with an annual contribution of $500 or more.

We are part of a diverse group of Canadians committed to promoting social, economic and environmental justice. We work to protect our sovereignty and our democracy. We are independent and do not take money from political parties or corporations.

We hold public events, write letters, promote petitions and demonstrate to raise awareness and promote alternatives to economic globalization and corporate-style free trade. We often work with other groups on shared goals of national campaigns and local issues. We lobby our government officials at all levels. We are one of 70 chapters across the country working to promote our shared goals.

We can be found each Saturday morning at the Guelph Farmer’s Market under the Big Umbrella with information about our national campaigns. More information about our past and current campaigns and goals can be found at the Big Umbrella or at .

We invite you to join us in our struggle.

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